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Create, the rest is our responisibility! We will deliver flowers to any place in Ukraine and Europe!

358 Flower Base

Wholesale Internet shop of exotic flowers. Choice from more than 15 000 items of leading world suppliers. Guarantee of quality from Flora Holland auction. Delivery to any place in Ukraine and Europe.

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Free support and consulting

We provide free support and advice through the whole ordering process.


Choose your flowers from over 15,000 items and we will take care of their delivery to any place in Ukraine and Europe.

Freshness and quality guaranteed

Due to the careful selection of our growers, you are always guaranteed to receive flowers of the best quality.


Get access to one of the world's largest flower catalogues

Working conditions

Shop Online

  • Prices in the online store are given WITHOUT transportation and customs fees.
  • All orders made in the online store are FINAL and cannot be changed or canceled.
  • In case you have any questions concerning the online store, please, call the hotline. We will be glad to help you.
  • In case of loss of your credentials to the online store, please contact us by calling the hotline. We will be glad to help you.

Taking orders

  • The orders for the next week can be placed 24 hours a day from Tuesday (9 am) to Thursday (11 am).
  • The date of shipment, which you choose when ordering in the online store is THURSDAY. On this day flowers start their trip to Ukraine.
  • Several times a year, the date of shipment changes because of public holidays in the Netherlands or Ukraine. We announce this in advance.
  • Urgent orders are accepted by phone. In this way you can order only flowers available in our stock.


  • Payment is made in Ukrainian national currency in cash and via bank transfer.
  • Payment in cash is possible only in regions where we deliver flowers by road.
  • In case of delivery by transportation services or postal services, the only possible form of payment is prepayment.

Transportation/Transportation Cost

  • The costs of transportation and customs clearance are calculated separately and paid after receiving the goods. These costs depend on the size of ordered flower boxes.
  • The transportation is ALWAYS done with keeping necessary technological conditions for storing flowers throughout their journey to you.
  • We always use the most cost-effective way of transportation according to your order


  • Claims are accepted only for 24 hours after reseiving the flowers.
  • To place the claim, you have to send clear photos of the total volume of illiquid product.
  • You can place claims on the products of the quality AAA (super extra), AA (extra) and A1 (standard). Claims are not accepted for goods of the quality A2 and В1 (non-standard).

It is important to us

How ?


Our goal is to be a reliable partner in the sphere of wholesale flowers delivery. Reliability in the context of our work is not just a word. There are dozens of processes and people behind this word, the coherence and reliable work of whom allow us to provide reliable and uninterrupted supply.

How ?


The activity we are engaged in is service. A good, convenient service is not noticed, but at the same time makes life more comfortable. It is the service we would like to build. You order flowers and they appear at the threshold of your house, store or shop.

Before we started wholesale delivery of flowers, we hadworked as florists for many years, so we understand how important it is to get flowers of the highest quality precisely at the time they are needed.

How ?

Individual approach

The world and people are not perfect, so even in a perfect system failures may occur from time to time. Sometimes it is our fault, sometimes a failure arises for the reasons which don't depend on us.  Before getting to you, flowers pass through many processes, reliability of which depends on the people who control them.

That's why sometimes issues may arise. We try to solve as quickly as possible all questions regarding supply, claims, payment, etc. An individual approach to each client is one of the principles of our work.

How ?

Technology conditions

Flowers are known to be a very demanding product. Violation of the right technology of any part of the chain "growing - storage - transportation" can lead to damage, a significant reduction of the life of flowers or change in their appearance.

We guarantee compliance with the necessary conditions for storage and transportation of different types of flowers, taking into account the difference of requirements for the preservation, for example, of Cymbidium and Rose.

Individual approach
Technology conditions

Our customers

Catalogue of customers 358

In the catalogue, published every month, we present our clients' work. It is another opportunity for you to show yourself and see others.

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E-mail : 358flowers@gmail.com
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